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Register Your Claim

Once the injury has been reported to us and the worker confirms that they want to pursue their claim in terms of the Act, the claim will be assessed. If pursuit of the claim is viable, then the legal process will commence.

We can only consider claims where the actual or proposed COID or Personal Accident claim settlement is a minimum of R80 000 or the injury results in a major pay scale reduction.

The Act has changed - You can now claim.

Effective as from 07th February 2014, the Construction Regulations prescribed under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (Act) have changed for workers on building sites.

Workers on site must be provided with adequate resources to do their work safely and without harm to their health in terms of the Act. Information identifying any inherent and workplace hazards must be given to all workers. This includes advice of any known hazards prior to and during their work. This information is available in the Health and Safety file for the property which is a requirement in terms of the Act.

The Act confirms, that if construction/maintenance workers are injured on site the Owner, Property Manager and others can be held civilly liable if they have failed to comply with the Act. This applies to all buildings except single story residential properties that are not rented out.

1 injury is 1 too many

The aim of Impi is to create far better awareness and compliance with the Act and a safe and healthier working built environment in South Africa.

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